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How to Create or Replace a 
6-Figure Income with Coaching

LIVE: Thursday, October 1 @ 1:00 PM EST

How to Create or Replace a 6-Figure Income with Coaching
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Get Ready to Take Your Life, Ministry and Finances to the Next Level! 

LIVE TRAINING: Thursday, October 1 @ 1:00 PM EST

What You'll Learn On This FREE Webinar!
Lesson #1
The Exact Phraseology to Use to Sign Up Clients
Lesson #2
How to Overcome "I Can't Afford It" and Other Objections
Lesson #3
When to do 1-on-1 vs. Group Coaching
Lesson #4
What You Should Offer to Potential Clients
Lesson #5
How to Manage Client Expectations
Lesson #6
10 Coaching Best
I had my first paying client within 2 days of implementing this training. Tamara's Quick Start Coaching System has been one of the best trainings I've come across to date and has upgraded my business and ministry for the better.       

Anne-Laure Jackson
You may have always known that you wanted to be a Coach, but did not know how to bring it all together. What I have been BLESSED to be taught by Tamara's Quick Start Coaching System has not only propelled my own coaching, but opened new and bigger opportunities! This training opened the opportunity to have my own television program featuring my coaching!!! Stop being skeptical and finally take that leap of faith into divine destiny!   

Kort Cousin
Within 9 days of learning this system, I had my first paying client from it. In 6 weeks I had increased my monthly income by $3,728 and had another one-time $6,000 client. Tamara's Quick Start Coaching System provided me with the exact words to sign up paying clients as well as the confidence to offer higher packages. 
Thomas & Bonnie Liotta
I have served people for the kingdom for over 20 years, so charging for my time coaching is new. This training helped me to adjust my way of thinking. I got my first paying client within one week of learning this system. 

Candra Oakes Niswanger
I cannot say enough about this information. I am a huge structure person and the structure in this system is so clear and simple it is mind-blowing. This simplifies so much of the complexity I have encountered! So good! 

John Toth
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